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Mobsters-Enterprise- GUIDE

Fast Start

1. Go to the Hire section and scout for some operatives and defensive units

2. Go to Black Market and buy some drugs, and alcohol to make your guys happy. Also get weapons for your defensive units. Keep in mind that defensive units without weapons won't do a thing. Also keep an eye on your guys happiness. It's easy to keep them happy but if you don't they will start leaving you. Start by making some money by collecting from your whores and or porn studio, hustlers, punks, thugs. When you get enough turns, go get some more operatives and defensive units and repeat from steps 1 and on, When you feel strong and rich enough.You can attack other mafioso in your range. Be careful, nobody will let you attack them without revenging you back. This is the real Mafia World "an eye for an eye, an arm, and a leg". Don't forget to protect part of your money in the bank or you can lose it if somebody mugs you. Join a family since you won't be able to survive by yourself. Otherwise start your own. Finally, enjoy the game as much as you can and watch your back.

Rounds. Each round will last about 7-10 days to make it fair for newcomers, plus it gives everyone a better chance to win. Once the round ends everything starts over from scratch, you can change your name family name everything. You don't carry anything from one round to the next, this means no money guy's and any turns (you'll see more about turns in the next section) Turns & Reserves

Turns. is what you use to do everything. For example: to transfer to someone, it requires 15 turns. Every 10 minutes you will receive a certain amount of turns, depending on the rounds settings. Each round, you also start off with a given amount of reserves. Reserves are also basically turns, except reserves can be saved for later in the round until you decide to use them.

Networth+Awards are given to Mafiosos based on their networth ranking. So here is an example of how networth is calculated: Whores ($2,500) + Card dealers ($2,000) + Bootleggers ($1,500) + Hustlers ($1,000) + Punks ($500) + Hitmen ($1,000) + Thugs ($500) + Bodyguards ($500) + cash + bank + Guns + Drugs

Ranking. We rank members based on levels for net-worth and kills. Net-worth rankings are based on many aspects see levels in game for description of each level and what it takes to be in that level. Killer ranks area based in the same manner however some special rounds there might be killer prizes it will be noted. 3 medals are also given per level in top networth and top killer levels.

Families. Mobster-Enterprise is a simulation of the the mafia underworld. Just like the real mafia, you can join families - a group of people who believe in the same thing, have the same ideas or just trust each other. A family brings protection, it brings respect from other members and it gives you trust in other members. Trust and respect can save your life, but it can also get you killed. Families have a max size limit of 30 mafiosos / family. activity permitting

Hire. One of the basics of organized crime is to be able to do things your way and not end up in jail. Partly this is accomplished by not doing any crimes yourself, instead paying others to do so. In order to maintain your empire under control, you'll need different types of personnel to perform all the different tasks and duties.In order to get some staff in your crew you could scout for them. To scout for crew members, just use your turns and look in the place where you would find the kinda of guys you need.

Operatives. Operatives are the kind of units that would work in your businesses and produce different kind of goods. The operatives that could be part of your crew are: Card dealers - work in your casinos and will determine how much cash your tables will roll out. Whores - work in your brothel or porn studios and will determine how much cash people will pay for them. Bootleggers - work in your speakeasy and will determine how much liquor your speakeasy will make. Hustlers - work in your loan shark and will help to push people to collect loan payments. Punks - work in your gambling den and will help to push people to bet.

Defensive Units. Defensive units are units that would protect you and your operatives, and would attack other mafiosos. The defensive units that could be part of your crew are: Hitmen - strengths are their intelligence at the time of performing an order and their good weapons skills. They would kill and they will protect you. Thugs - are not as intelligent but are well mannered as gangsters. They will also be used for attacks especially in drive-by and to protect you. Bodyguards - are really easy to get and will protect you well. They are not that good for attacks though.

Happiness. Having your crew happy is one of the most important things that you would be looking after. If your operatives or defensive units are not happy, they would start leaving you as soon as you ask them to operate. Your operatives need some alcohol and coke to be happy. They would also need to have defensive units to protect them at work which would make them happy as well. Your operatives payroll is also a part of their happiness. Your defensive units need liquor and weed to be happy. They insist to have from 2 glocks to 1 ak47 per defensive unit to be happy.

Black Market.In the black market you are able to get whatever you need for you guys. Your able to buy narcotics, weapons, cars and planes. You could sell cars and planes for a % of their price. You could also sell drugs at a smaller fraction of the price you paid. Narcotics are mainly used to make your guys happy. Your defensive units need liquor and weed to be happy. Your operatives need liquor and coke to be happy too. Try to get a big stock of them also med hide networth. Weapons are used for attacks and are important for you guys happiness. You could get glocks, shotguns, Uzis and ak47's. The more expensive the weapon, the more the kills it makes. thugs are used to do a drive-by or to steal other mafioso's cars. The Chrysler 300 only takes 5 people the hummer takes 8 people. Planes are used to travel to other cities to attack other Mafioso. When you get your private jet (40 guys) or your 747's (300 guys) you don't need to pay for plane tickets. You should keep in mind that your members that don't travel with you are lost..

Produce. Productions are part of your illegal activities. So you could use turns to produce coke, weed, alcohol and fake cash. Your thugs are used to produce coke and weed in you drug lab Your bootleggers are used to produce alcohol in your speakeasy Your punks are used to create fake money

Collect.You could use some turns to collect some money from your businesses. You own casinos, brothels, loan sharks and gambling dens. Your Card dealers are used to run your casino tables Your whores are used to work in your brothels and porn studios. Your hustlers are used to collect loan payments in your loan sharks your punks are also used to run your gambling dens

Cash and the bank.
Just like the real world, you have a bank account and a pocket. The money you use anywhere is the cash you got on you. However, keeping money in your pocket is risky. Another mafioso can mug you and take whatever you have there. So, depositing a part of it in the banks is a good idea. You are able to put 25% of your networth which will cost you 15 turns each time. Later, if you want to add more money in bank, you would have to withdraw all the money and put 25% of your networth (please note with the high numbers filter you can only withdraw 99.9999% so you may need to withdraw twice) . You can withdraw it when you need it at anytime for free. From your cash you can also transfer deposited money to another mafioso. This can be useful if you need to pay them for something, bribe them, or just give a cut of your organized crime. Transfers can be made to anyone however if you don't have turns you cant make a transfer

Family bank
when active in round allows you to deposit 50% on hand cash for a 10% fee. also family bank interest is 15% every 24hrs after making a deposit you can purchase a pack or hitman and make a deposit again.

Bahamas bank you must travel to Bahamas to access this bank and keep in mind there is no range, no maxing and no protection at all in Bahamas!!!!

Attacking. There are several different types of attacks. To attack a player go to "kill-a-mofo" link located in game and choose the mafioso you want to attack and click on his name. When you are viewing his profile, click on attack!!! If you see Out of Range, you may not attack this mafioso. You can only attack players with 1/2 or up to 4 times your net worth. attacking will automatically take your best crew members armed with the best weapon you got them in order to have the most efficient attacks ever. There is a limit to the amount of times you can be hit. Within the first attacks, you can be hit 24 times and then only once each hour depending on round settings. If you win the attacks, they do not count against you and the revenge hits do not count either.

(Head Quarter Invasions) - Most common attack done by mafiosos. Invade your enemies headquarter and whack his defensive units! You could also steal money if you killed enough of his defensive

(Business Invasions) - Most common attack done by mafiosos. Invade your enemies businesses and whack his defensive units and operatives! You will be able to kill some operatives if you killed enough of his defenses

(Drive-by) - This attack is sort of like HQ invasion, except the enemy has a harder time killing your thugs in the drive-by. You do a drive-by with as many THUGS ONLY that get in your rides.

(Drug Labs Sabotage) - This attack is meant to steal drugs from your opponent.

(Armory Attack) - This attack is meant to steal guns from your opponent.

(Jacking cars) - In order to steal someones cars, you will need to make sure enough of his defensive units are dead.

(Stealing Planes) -
In order to steal someones planes, you will need to make sure enough of his defensive units are dead.

Revenge. The revenge is an option that would give you the chance to hit back when somebody attacks you ***EVEN THROUGH HIRE PROTECTION!!!***.
Whenever somebody attacks you, you will have a revenge (unlimited attacks) on him for 24hrs even if he is out of range. You could check your revenges in your mail box > and use revenges there. If somebody attacks you, you got a revenge on him but he will get a revenge on you if you attack back.

Subscriptions . Buying a subscription will greatly boost your ability in the game giving you much more turns every 10 minutes, more starting reserves and a higher max build you can build them up to.CHECK DONATIONS PAGE

Travel. Traveling is used for different purposes: running away from someone that is trying to kill you, doing booze runs or traveling from and to your hometown where your family is located, being in your own city has pro's and Con's. A pro is that you're family offers you more protection in your hometown, a con is that its more likely for your enemies to find you!

When you use a booster or banking perk FROM THE HOF STORE your name will glow showing others you have POWERED UP


Donations of HOF points DO NOT GET ADDED TO THE ROUNDS UNITS. Instead, 30% of the purchase value is "stolen" by a thief.
Once the thief has taken $5,...20 minutes to the 3rd hr later they can spawn as a player in any active round "Keep an eye on the wallet" .
The first player to zero the thief will win all the thief's wallet amount. the thief will be low enough in defense that any one with enough skills can kill him with their starting turns and reserves so keep an eye out. The thief wont appear the first 36 hours of any active round nor last 18 hrs of any active round


Paid Contract to wipe all your defense. The hitman will not attack the same mobster more than twice in one round. If you use a contract on a mobster he will have a revenge on you for 24 hours. hitmen will be disabled at different times before the ending of the round,  you must check the hitman link in game or round settings to learn If the Feature will be disabled/enabled and or if the feature has been disabled/Enabled for the round also check for contract prices the hitman will cost more per use on the target. as the rounds progress the price will go up

* HOF SHOP check hof shop for details * New HOF RANKS-check H.O.F ranks in game for details. * Power-up mode where you name glows when using a booster or banking perk from HOF SHOP.. got to HOF SHOP FOR DETAILS

TOH bonuses to promote activity main rounds

"top of the hour" reserves and "active" reserves awarded bonuses given to the player for being active in the game. Below is a break down and example on how toh works.

free player status

Free players will receive 2 x (game speed per 10 min) in reserves for being online with in 15 minutes to the top of the hour. for example if game speed = 5,000 turns per 10 mins the the free player will receive 1 x 5,000 reserves.

also free-player will receive 1 x (game speed per 10 min) in reserves for being active with in past 6 hours. being active means simply doing a function such as hiring, attacking etc.


Supporters status

Supporter will receive 2.25 x (game speed per 10 min) in reserves for being online with in 15 minutes to the top of the hour. for example if game speed = 5,000 turns per 10 mins the the Supp player will receive 2.25 x 5,000 reserves.

also supporters will receive 1.25 x (game speed per 10 min) in reserves for being active with in past 6 hours . being active means simply doing a function such as hiring, attacking etc.

Please Note: in order to receive the active bonus you must be online with in 15 minutes to the top of the hour and have done a function as explained above with in the past 6 hours.

Support: These are the admins of the game. They monitor your actions and make sure everyone is playing fair. It's best to stay on the admins good side. If you have any problems, found a bug in the game or found a game abuser, let them know by leaving a message under the Support link. is owned by Riffraffca (Riffraffca)
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