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Mobsters-Enterprise - RULES

Anyone found in violation of the following rules will be punished in such a way that the acting staff member deems appropriate.

1. At no time during the time you are playing should you ever get the idea that you can cheat and win. If we find out that you have been cheating, you will be removed from the game. This is a major rule in our game.

2. You are allowed to play only one account, this means that you may not start additional accounts and think you will be able to win. If you are running out of turns, buy turns. If we find out you are signing up under different names, we will remove you from the game entirely.

3. You are responsible for anything you do using your IP address, so remember that if you are using your computer and someone decides to play for you. If you break the rules, we donít know it was someone else, so you can be removed permanently if anything happens that jeopardizes your account.

4. Donít abuse the RULES. They are set up to allow you to play the game. If you do abuse them and you are banned, from either that particular round or our site, donít complain. We gave you fair warning.

5. Leaking is allowed in our game, but not if you tell others on our message boards to give someone an advantage in winning. Remember not everyone plays for free, and we have to protect the ones that are supporters.

6. Credit cards and e-checks are available for you to purchase turns. I donít think there is a need to tell you that fraudulent use of them is illegal. If you should decide to use them fraudulently, you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. And you will be removed from the game permanently.

7. You are allowed to quit playing any game that you sign up for as long as you are just a member of a crew, but if you are the founder of the crew, disband it first. Allow those other crew members to find another crew to play with. Just remember if you have purchased turns, we cannot give you credit back for them.

8. At NO time can anyone use auto refresh, auto clicker, auto loader, or anything that automatically carries out game actions for you. If you do, there will be penalties: First Offense: You will be removed from the round and allowed in the next. Second Offense: You will be BANNED from the game permanently.

9. Hate Messages/posts And Profanity (Swearing for those who do not know the term). Hate messages directed at any particular group, race, religion, sex, ethnicity, culture and/or country are not allowed! Making negative comments about player's family or life outside the game are not allowed.

You will be removed from the game without question for behavior in this way. Profanity will be allowed on public boards, profiles and in the chat box. Please refrain from EXCESSIVE posting of profanities.

10. Players are not allowed to manipulate game ranks by attempting to win a rank by playing the game in way that Support Staff does not deem to be the appropriate way of obtaining that rank. Anyone found killing their own family members will be removed from the killer ranks without question. If this rule is broken repeatedly it may result in removal from the round.

12. No excessive posts or messages to other players, advertising a product/service or excessive posting of irrelevant messages. Do not post any link to other games on any part of the site. You may discuss other games via private messaging only but may not provide a referral link or game link of any kind. Anyone found spamming; sending or posting any kind of messages that harm the game will be banned! This is out of courtesy to the game developers and your fellow players. If you are banned for spamming, you immediately forfeit the right to any turns and/or subscription you have bought for yourself or another bought for you.

13. Lastly, Common sense. If you think you shouldnít be doing something, you probably shouldnít. We reserve the right to punish any player, free or supporter, for anything we deem inappropriate.

All purchases are donations to the game, none are refundable, if you use an admins name, you wil NOT recieve any reserves/turns from packs you may have have bought whilst using a staff members name and you will NOT be refunded, the game is coded that way, also do not try to use the word STAFF in your family name .

GAME RULE REVISIONS & UPDATES Be advised that all rules may be updated or changed at any time without notice as the rules have been outlined to keep the game fair and enjoyable. If you choose to play Hustlin-Mobsters, then it is your responsibility to read and obey the Game Rules at all times. If any of the rules are unclear, then please visit the support page, or message a member of staff.

Purchases are donation to the game and are made for Virtual Goods so there are . No Refunds. is owned by Riffraffca (Riffraffca)
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